The Cult of Mew is hosting an

Art Contest!

All members of the Cult of Mew are eligible!  Compete for rank and a prize!

Hey there Cult of Mew members, do you know what time it is?  It's contest time!  Since I am a big time art fan, the first contest will be an art contest.  If you are a member than you are eligible.  So get to those easels and create your fan art masterpieces.  There aren't many rules to this contest.  Just make sure that your fan art includes mew and/or Mewtwo.  Also, you have to give me permission to post your artwork (with full credit of course), if I choose to.  That's it!  You can use any medium you choose, and submit as many pieces as you wish.  Also, if you have a piece you made earlier, you can use it for the contest if you'd like.  I'm not fussy ^_^.

Now, in case you need a little "inspiration" to get to work.  Then here it is!
There are prizes to be won in this contest as well as the ablity to improve you club rank!  First prize will be a small item (I'm very poor!) costing between $7 and $3 that I will buy at one of my local anime stores.  The winner will also get the Cult Rank of Artist Major.  Second prize will get a Mew or Mewtwo sticker and the rank of Artist Minor.  Third prize gets an automatic promotion to "Devotee".  Also, all of these winner have the option of getting a custom done drawing by me.  There will also be 2 honorary mentions.

This contest begins April 1, 2000 and ends May 31, 2000.  After that there will be a voting period of a week and a half.  Non-club members and club members alike will vote for their favorite piece.  The winners will be announced after that.

So to recap:

The Contest:

Begins:  April 1, 2000
Ends:  May 31, 2000

First Place
$7-$3 Toy
Artist Major
Second Place
Aritst Minor
Third Place

So if you're not a member, what are you waiting for?
Join the Cult of Mew!
...It's the wave of the future! ^_~
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