To the Cult of Mew

The place for worship 
of the two psychic cats of Pokemon.

Critical News!
To former Cult of Mew Members:

CoM as you had known it is gone.  The lists were too hard to maintain under the old style, so I've restarted it as an excite club.  This will allow you to join instantly and allow for better organization for events.  You will even get access to a special Cult of Mew message board, and be allowed to post files to the Cult of Mew archives. 

However, the format change comes at a great price.  All old memberships are gone.  It's a clean slate.  Unfortunately, if you want to be a Cult of Mew member you will need to reregister at our new Excite Club.  Just click Join and you will be taken to the Excite Club page.  Sorry for this inconvience, but trust me, it will be well worth it!

Once you make rank in the new method, your name will on the Special members page.  However, check back at the roles page.  The method for making rank have changed.

If you have found your way here, then you are either and adamant fan of Mew and/or Mewtwo, a flamer, or a very lost and confused person.  Allow me to explain, for the fans and the confused.  The Cult of Mew is a fanclub for fans of these two psychic Pokemon.  Flamers, this is not a TRUE cult!  It's just a club using the cult decor.... I don't literally pray to Mewtwo or Mew.  I'm not quite that obsessed.


Interested in learning more?
Considering Joining?
...Then, continue...


I, Seraph Janus, the High Priest of the Cult of Mew, saw a void in the Pokemon 
net.  There were worshippers of Pikachu, Brock, and several societies of Team Rocket members.  Yet there was no following of Mew nor Mewtwo.  I'd seen a few pages for them, but no real place for them.  That, I thought, had to change.  For the mews shall inherit the earth.  But in the world I found I saw no sign of that.  In fact, there was much persecution of psychic cats and their admirers, especially Mewtwo, who even has a group of assassins after him. 


"To be a follower of the Mews, is to be condemned...
Yet this is not how it shall remain."

The time has come!  No longer will the Mew and Mewtwo fans be forced to hide in the shadows, their true feelings locked away since they have no place to worship the All-Mighty Ones.  If you are one of these oppressed, then the Cult of Mew is your salavation!


Not only is the Cult of Mew your salvation, but also a great source of fun!
Here at the Cult of Mew you can discuss your thoughts on the psychic cats, share your divinely mew-inspired fan fiction and art, or any other projects or ideas you have.  Later, we will also have contests, raffles, and other activities.  Don't forget!  You can rise in rank by participating!  You also get a nifty badge to display!

So what are you waiting for?



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