Critical News!
To former Cult of Mew Members:

CoM as you had known it is gone.  The lists were too hard to maintain under the old style, so I've restarted it as an excite club.  This will allow you to join instantly and allow for better organization for events.  You will even get access to a special Cult of Mew message board, and be allowed to post files to the Cult of Mew archives. 

However, the format change comes at a great price.  All old memberships are gone.  It's a clean slate.  Unfortunately, if you want to be a Cult of Mew member you will need to reregister at our new Excite Club.  Just click Join and you will be taken to the Excite Club page.  Sorry for this inconvience, but trust me, it will be well worth it!

 Once you make rank in the new method, your name will be posted on the Members Page.  However, check back at the roles page.  The method for making rank has changed!

  Though it's a shame to have to restart the Cult, the loss of the old form for joining is a great bonus!  It had the horrible tendency to eat forms -_-;.  That only made it harder to maintain the club, and made this change all the more necessary.

So what are you waiting for? 
(Re/)Sign up Now!

Or Go Check out The Cult of Mew Excite Edition!

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