Things We Deem Sacred
-Cats -Genetic Research -The sound "Myuu"
-Psychics -Purple, Pink and Blue -Pikachu Project '98
-February 6 -The sign Aquarius -The planet Uranus

Must Have Holy Item of the Month
Mew Vs Pikachu Battle Action Statue
This is a must have item for any mew fan!  The size of these figures is a bit larger than last month's Must Have item, and the detailing is even better.  It stands about 4" tall, but most of that height is the figures themselves.  Unfortunately, they let Pikachu get in an attack (like that yellow rat could ever beat a psychic cat!).  This mew figure is far more detailed (and cuter) than lasts months.  Becareful not to get ripped off though!  It's only worth about $15. 

Want to know where to get this littel gem?  It can be found  at  Action Ace, Gen X Toys and ocassionally E-bay.  If you live in the Boston area, you can try Anime Crash.  Electronic Boutique has also carried this item.


Prior Must Have Holy  Items of the Month:

6/04/99 - 3/21/00 Mewtwo Vs Mew Battle Action Statue

The Cult of Mew Badge

This is the official Cult of Mew banner.  If you're a member, than you can display this on your page!  Maybe you can recuit others! ^_^

Cult Member Roles

When you join the Cult of Mew you start off with a lower status, but the more you do the further you go!  Also, if you don't want a promotion, you don't have to take it.  We're flexible here.  Some promotions are given as awards when you win contests.  You're only limited by your devotion!

High Priest(ess) This is the highest Rank you can obtain!  It's like being the Pope of the Catholic church.
Service Leader Helps the High Priests keeps things in order and is in charge of how worship is conducted.
Region Priest(ess) Leads their own sect of the Cult of Mew.  Also, they work to recuit others.
Artist Major/Minor The top artists of the Cult.  They are in charge of the beautification of our temples are are honored.
Author Major/Minor Their job is very similar to that of the Aritists, only they concentrate on bringing us more interpretations of the lives of the All Mightly Ones.
Prophet These maintainers of shrines and/or highly active members have contributed to the Mewian community items of unquestionably grand importance.
Oracle These people manange to not only maintain a shrine page, but also participate in club activies.
Temple Keeper These people have openned up their own shrines to the great Mews. 
Devotee This is similar to a Worshipper, only they have proven that their devotion runs deep.
Worshipper The starting rank for new inductees into the Cult of Mew. 

Rules of Worship

Well, it's basically free worship here, and almost anyone is admitted.  Still, there are a few ground rules.  Don't worry, they won't be anything that's hard to deal with.  In fact, you probably wouldn't be breaking them anyhow!

1)  No heretic who belongs to the "Mewtwo Assassins" or similar group involving either Mew or Mewtwo will be allowed into this sacred institute.  If you hate Mew or Mewtwo, then this isn't the place for you!

2)  No member of this Cult will be allowed to flame or bash any other member because of their particular ideas/beliefs on the psychic cats.  You can discuss, but be civil about it.

3)  No bashing people's art or fan fictions, no matter what you think of it!  If you want to give some criticism, then make it constructive criticism. 

4)  No stealing other peoples work!  If you are caught stealing, then you will be excommunicated out of the Cult of Mew.  There will be no exceptions.  This refers to claiming something someone else made is your own, but the Cult of Mew frowns upon image and bandwidth theives as well.

These rules may be amended at any time, if circumstances leave me with no other option.  However, my rules will always be fair.

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