Mew Pokedex Entry:
(Pokemon Zukan Entry:)
Name: Mew  (Myuu)
Distinction: New Specie 
(New Specie Pokemon)
Type: Psychic  (ESPer)
Number: 151
Height: 1'04"  (0.4 m)
Weight: 9.0 lbs  (4.0 Kg)
So rare that it is still said to be a mirage by many experts.  Only a few people have seen it worldwide.


Mew in the Anime

For those of you who have only seen the English Version of Pokemon (and really haven't looked into the Japanese at all), then the only time you have seen a mew in the anime would be in the intro.  At the very beginning of the intro, you can see a mew.  It is the  little glowing blue thing that is flying through space.   Depending on the size of your TV you might be able to make out more details.  Mew is the only species of the original 151 not mentioned in the Pokerap.

Now as many of you probably know in the summer of 1998 there was a movie released in Japan called "Mewtwo Strikes Back."  This is the first big appearance of a mew in the anime. 

The mew from the movie is a very playful creature.  Even though the intro made it look like mews come from space, this one was actually laying in suspended animation at the bottom of a lake.  It only woke when Mewtwo used his psychic powers to create a hurricane.  It  sensed the presence of a large psychic influence, and left to investigate. 

The mew spent a lot of time following behind Team Rocket.   It toyed with them, hanging just behind them and moving just out of their range of sight when ever they tried to look at it.  This mew could teleport, an ability its species lacks in the game. 

The mew has a very carefree, jovial personality.  It was very curious and always checking its surroundings to see what was going on.  It only seemed to have a more serious attitude twice during the movie; when it spoke to Mewtwo and when at the end it agreed to stop fighting with him.  Usually it is frisky and playful, just like a kitten, and cute enough to rival a Pikachu.  Despite its cuteness it packs an incredible power.  It was the only Pokemon that successfully attacked Mewtwo.  In some ways its perpetual light heartedness is alarming.  It was only curious about death or the grief of the other Pokemon, never upset.  Either it doesn't understand or isn't capable of such feelings.  It's probably the first of the two, since the mew seems very child-like.

Like most pokemon in the anime, mew can only say its species name over and over again. 

The mew's psychic powers produce a pink field, which is different from the usual blue field for psychic abilities.  During the movie it uses several skills; teleport, barrier, psychic, and reflect. 

Mew in the Games

Skill Chart (Pokemon US)

Lvl:  --   Pound
Lvl:  10   Transform
Lvl:  20   Mega Punch
Lvl:  30   Metronome
Lvl:  40   Psychic
A mew can use every Technical Machine and every Hidden Machine, even if they were said to be specific to one species.
Mew are an entire species in the game.  There isn't just one mew so therefore not all mew are female.  Nintendo referred to mew as it, while Mewtwo was called him.  However, a mew cannot be found in the game under normal circumstances.  You have to win a mew in a contest or use a cheat to get one. 

In the US release of Pokemon the graphics and Pokedex entries are identical for both colors.  This was not the case in the Japanese version.  Aside of Red and Green, all the games had somewhat different graphics and reworded Pokedex entries.  Below is a listing of the color and the appearance of a mew in each one.   These images are screen captures unless otherwise noted, though all are accurate deplictions..

Mew was a deformed little pokemon in Red and Green, wasn't it?
 Red and Green
This Pokemon is said to inhabit South America, but it is believed to be extinct.  It has a high intelligence and a remembers a lot.
This is an actual capture of Mew in the Blue game
Even now this Pokemon is still thought to be an illusion.  There are almost no people who see it.
Now isn't this animesque mew just so much cuter than that from Red?
The thin, fine delicate hairs of this pokemon can only be seen under a microscope.
Great!  Finally a screen shot of the ever so cute Pokesta Mew!
This is the illusionary Southern American Pokemon, which was thought to have been exterminated.  Sightings of it have been increasing recently.
Arial view of mew, but look, pink feet!  Pinball
Through microscopic selection from theOw!  Quit poking me! DNA found in mew fur, this friendly little creature exists again.

Mew looks just like the mew plush dolls in this pic.  Cute, but still elegant.
 Gold...........Mew's little footprint!
It will only appear to people when it senses that their hearts are pure. 

This picture needs but one word:  CUTE!!
 Silver...........Mew's little footprint!
This species contains DNA from all other pokemon types in its genes, allowing it to use all TMs and HMs.


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