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Welcome to Mewtopia!
This is a shrine page dedicated to the most powerful of all pokemon, the mews.
You won't find general information on Pokemon here, but you will find practically anything involving mew or Mewtwo.  Please do not take any of the contents of this shrine without asking.  I have put a lot of time into gathering the information and media here.

I hope you enjoy your stay!

The chart below lists the major sections of this page.  If you want to jump to any one of the sub pages, then you can always use the link menu below.  Also, more imformation on the contents of each section can be seen by holding your cursor over the stars.

Come here to learn facts about the psychic cats of Pokemon.  Information Center
Here you can find screen captures, sounds and movies of Mewtwo and Mew.  Media Center
My collection of fan art and fan fiction related to mews.  Fan Works
Here you can find games, forums, votes and other activies.  Interactive Section
A special feature on the movie, Mewtwo Strikes Back!  Mewtwo Strikes Back!
Getting tired of your old religion?  Why not worship mews? ^_^  The Cult of Mew
Links to other Mew/Mewtwo Shrines, a What's New, a thanks page, and others that didn't fit elsewhere.  Left Overs


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