Mewtwo Pokedex Entry:
(Pokemon Zukan Entry:)
Name: Mewtwo  (Myuutsu)
Distinction: Genetic 
(Gene Pokemon)
Type: Psychic  (ESPer)
Number: 150
Height: 6'07"  (2.0 m)
Weight: 269.0 lbs  (122.0 Kg)
It was created by a scientist after years of horrific gene splicing and DNA engineering experiments. 


Mewtwo in the Anime

Just like with mew, if you have only seen the English Version of Pokemon, then you have yet to see Mewtwo make a true appearance.  However, you can see him in the intro.  At the the beginning of the intro, he flies by from the right side of the screen.  Even though he's not seen close up, he's easier to make out than the mew.  Mewtwo can also be spotted in one of the Pokeraps.

As is clear from the title, Mewtwo is in "Mewtwo Strikes Back."  This is his story, and his only major appearance in the anime, though he has brief appearances in three of the Series 2 episodes. 

Mewtwo has a callous, wrathful disposition throughout most of the movie.  Even so, at heart he wasn't evil.  He was always serious and pursuing his goals with all of his actions.  He was a very deep thinker and a philosopher on a few topics.  Also, he was more intelligent than most humans (he rebuilt, and greatly improved upon, the cloning facility).  He is a very interesting character because of this, and stands out among the other characters who suffer less and have no problems like his.

Mewtwo is a psychotically angry creature.  Though he does many awful things to others during the course of the movie, he shouldn't be looked at as a pure evil abomination.  He wasn't born with the intent to hurt people, but the depression and bitterness that came from realizing he was a genetically engineered life form drove him to it.  He's very intelligent, thoughtful and emotional.  It was because of these traits that knowing he lacked parents and was created by man instead of God had such a major impact on him.  Being an experiment gave him a deep emptiness; he felt that he existed for no reason.

Mewtwo's major motivations were revenge and a desire to prove that he was superior to the Pokemon he was cloned from.  He loathes humanity.  Not only did they create him, but they also tried to enslave him.  Due to his bad experiences with humans at the beginning of his life, he believes that they are all fools, and that he is vastly superior to them.  He killed all of the scientists that created him, and tortured Umio (and really got a thrill off of it.). Not only does he want revenge against humanity, but mew as well.  He needs to defeat a mew to prove his worth in his own mind.  He's more than willing to die while trying to gain a purpose, and is infuriated by the mew's unwillingness to fight.  He needed to prove himself more than anything else.

Mewtwo seems to be a blurring point in the line between pokemon and humans.  His form has a rather humanoid look to it, sort of like an anthropomorphic creature.  He is capable of speaking human language (through telepathy), walks bipedally, and seems much more intelligent than the other Pokemon.  It is said that the genes of both a mew (taken from a fossilized eyelash) and a human were spliced to create Mewtwo.  It has also been suggested that he could be part Abra-Kadabra-Alakazam as well.

Mewtwo's psychic powers produce the typical blue field of psychic abilities.  During the movie he uses a variety of skills; recover, barrier, psychic, reflect, energy bombs, weather manipulation, mental control, physical manipulation.

Mewtwo in the Games

Skill Chart (Pokemon US)

Lvl:  --   Confusion
Lvl:  --   Disable
Lvl:  --   Swift
Lvl:  63   Barrier
Lvl:  66   Psychic
Lvl:  70   Recover
Lvl:  75   Mist
Lvl:  81   Amnesia
Mewtwo can use Technical Machines 1, 5, 6, 8-15, 17-20, 22, 24, 25, 29-36, 38, 40, 44-46, 49, and  50 and Hidden Machines 4 and 5.
In both the anime and the game only one Mewtwo exists.  Even though the Pokedex refers to Mewtwo as it Nintendo calls Mewtwo him.  It's pretty much agreed on and proven that Mewtwo is male.  It's not quite clear how Mewtwo was created in the game.  The Pokedex says that he is the product of years of horrific experiments, but the journals say that a mew gave birth to Mewtwo (maybe Mewtwo was created like Dali the sheep, only mutated as well).  Mewtwo is said to have a psychotic anger, which forced his creators to  lock him away in the Cerulean Cave.  You need to beat the game before you are allowed to go to the cave and capture Mewtwo.

In the US release of Pokemon the graphics and Pokedex entries are identical for both colors.  This was not the case in the Japanese version.  Aside of Red and Green, all the games had somewhat different graphics and reworded Pokedex entries.  Below is a listing of the color and the appearance of Mewtwo in each one.  Everything here is from the respective games.

Mewtwo was far nicer looking than Mew in Red and Green.
 Red and Green
This Pokemon was created through the research and reorganizing of genes which has made him very cruel .
The Japanese Blue, and US graphic of Mewtwo
This Pokemon was made from the reogranized genes of the illusionary Pokemon, Mew.  He has a cruel personality.
And he huffed, and he puffed, and blew Pikachu's house down.... ^_^;
Since he has the genes of mew, they are similar.  However, he is much larger and has a psychotic disposition.
Actual picture, though drastically shrunken.
A vicious pyschic pokemon created by genetic engineering.  Its cold, glowing eyes strike fear into its enemies.
Didn't Pinball get such a dramatic shot of Mewtwo?  Pinball
Since he has the genes of mew, they His legs seem too short... kind of cramped in there.are similar.  However, he is much larger and has a psychotic disposition.

He looks nearly chibi in this pic.  It's the cutest Mewtwo yet!
 Gold ..........Mewtwo's footprint
His fighting ablitities have increased as he destroyed all enemies that have faced him during his meditations last year.

Someone doesn't seem too happy.  This zukan pic is just plain cool!
 Silver.........Mewtwo's footprint
In a battle his strenght outlasts all challengers because he stores energy during times of inactivity. 


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