Chapter 1: "To an Island During a Storm"

[Satoshi & Co. are on a hill, about to have lunch.  Takeshi is cooking a stew, and Togepi is being michievous.  Satoshi is slouching against a table.]

Satoshi:  Is it almost ready?

Narrator:  Satoshi, who aims at being a Pokemon master, has kept on his journey.  For a moment though, him and his friends are resting in a field.

Kasumi:  You should be helping!

Satoshi:  I'm too hungry~~~

Pikachu: [hears someone coming] Pika

[A weird guy dressed up like a Pirate appears.]

Pirate, Wind Trainer:  Hey You!  Are you Satoshi, of Masara Town?  The one who has gathered 8 badges?

Satoshi:  yeah, so?

Pirate:  Pokemon Battle...  I wonder if you're skillful?

Satoshi:  Okay!  Let's go quickly, before I eat!

Takeshi:  By the way... lunch will be ready soon.

Pikachu:  Pikachu...

Satoshi:  [calls out Fushigidane] I'll go at anytime!

Fushigidane:  Dane!

Pirate:  GO!  GO!  Donfan!

[Donfan and fushigidane fight.  Fushigidane is knocked into the air and starts to gather the power of the sun.]

Satoshi:  Solar Beam!

[Fushigidana toasts Donfan with Solar Beam.]

Pirate:  Oh!  Donfan!  Go!!  Kainke [calls back Donfan, and summons Kainke]

Satoshi:  Now's the time to change Pokemon...  Zenigame come forth [calls out Zenigame]

[Zenigame dodges a few attacks from Kainke, and then blasts it with a spray of bubbles.  Kainke then goes down for the count.]

Pirate:  [all twitchy with frustration.]  Oh God Damn!!  I refuse to lose... [tosses out all his remaining Pokemon]

[Ash sends Pikachu out after them.  Pikachu jumps into the air and releases a huge blast of thunder, which hits all of the Pirate's Pokemon.]

Pikachu:  Pika!  CHU!!

Pirate:  [Looking at all his BBQed Pokemon.]  OH!  MY GOD!

Takeshi:  Your Pokemon are well breed...

Satoshi:  [congratulating Pikachu.] Good shot, good shot!

[Scene switches to Rocket Gang, who are watching Satoshi & Co. from a cliff.]

Kojirou:  Pikachu.... it's skills keep improving...

Nyasu:  {Nya} No matter how hard to get it is, we can't pass up that Pikachu.  {nyaa}
Kojirou:  ....and yet.

Musashi:  ...[looking at the Satoshi and Co.'s lunch] that looks good, doesn't it?

Nyasu:  Cream pan... I want some of that! Nyaa!

[Musashi pulls a frying pan out of thin air.]

Musashi:  I'll cream you with my frying pan.

Kojirou:  We shouldn't beat each other weith frying pans.

Nyasu:  Such things that don't come from material, are meaningless. {nyaa}

[A Servant Lady dressed medievally, and her lord watch Satoshi & Co. through survallence.]

Lady:  Do you wish to give an invitation to these people?

[Scene switches to a Fearow flying above Satoshi & Co., and the source of the survallence.]

Fearow:  kya~~~t!

[Scene returns the the chamber of the lord, which is filled with video screens.]

Lady:  My intelligent and all-powerful lord...

[From the castle, a Dragonite carrying a sack is released.  Rocket Gang here it coming.]

Rocket Gang:  Eh?

[The Dragonite slams into Rocket Gang.]

Nyasu:  doott!

Musashi:  Wha... what is it?

[The Dragonite lands in front of  Satoshi, and hands him something.]

Satoshi:  What is it?  You...?  ... A letter for me?

[A hologram of the servant lady appears from the invitation letter.]

Lady:  Please give me pardon for this sudden letter...

Pikachu: [looking at a card that says YES/NO]  Pika?

Lady:  I am inviting you to a party at the Pokemon Castle.  Only the strongest Pokemon Trainers have been invited.  Please, come to my lord's party.

Satoshi:  We'll go... naturally

Kasumi:  I know I'll be going!

[Pikachu hands them the card.  The dragonite takes the card, and flies off, only to be stopped by Musashi wielding her mighty frying pan.]

Musashi:  What?!  Going bye-bye so soon?  Without even a greeting?!  [the invitation slips out of the dragonite's bag]  [looks down at it]... Invitation form?

[In the castle room shown earlier, Mewtwo is summoning up a terrible storm.  The distubance reaches to a lake out in the jungle, where a mew is sleeping in a bubble.  It wakes up ]

Mew:  Mew?

[The mew rises up out of the water, and in a pink glow it bursts the bubble and flies off towards Mewtwo's castle.]

[The scene changes back to Satoshi and Co., who are running through the rain.]

Satoshi:  It started to rain so suddenly~~  Let's get to the harbor quickly, I can't take being out in this rain!

[Inside the harbor, a crowd had gathered around Officer Junsa, and another lady, Boija.]

Sweet:  The cruise to New Island has been canceled?

Junsa:  Yes, by Boija's decision.  She is responsible for the maintainance of this harbor.

Boija:  Never before have I seen such a storm...

Junsa:  Under these conditions, it would be absurd to go out.  Also, if something were to happen to your pokemon, there no one here to help them.  For these reasons, a ship can't set out, of course.

Satoshi:  Say what?

Junsa:  Joy is missing.

[Shot switches to a missing posted with Joy's picture on it.]

Takeshi:  Her?  This is the missing Joy?

[Three children rush out of the building and on to the pier.  One boy, Sorao,  dressed in red jumps onto the back of his pijiotto and flies off.  Sweet gets onto the back of her dewgong and takes off.  Umio climbs onto his Gyaradosu, and leaves with the others.]

Junsa:  [running after the kids] Stop, that's too dangerous! Stop!  I'll arrest you!

Boija:  If they will not stop when ordered to, nor stay here... ... then all we can do is pray for their stafety.

[Satoshi & Co. run out onto the pier, wishing to follow the other trainers.]

Satoshi:  I will do it!  I will also go over the sea with a Pokemon. ~~but I don't have any that can.

[A small boat, controlled by two vikings, rows up.  At the helm of the ship is a "protective goddess".]

Female Viking:  Are you troubled?  Is that it?  We can take you to to New Island, cheaply and without problems.

[Satoshi & Co. board the boat, and take off in the rough sea.]

Kasumi:  Will we really be safe on this ship?

Female Viking:  Of course.  The Goddess of Goodluck watches over this ship.

Luck Goddess:  .... Agghh!!

[A huge wave sweeps over the boat, filling it with water.]

Satoshi:  Uwa!

Kasumi:  Don't fall overboard!

[After everyone braces themselves, Satoshi looks over at the "vikings", and sees that they are non other than, Rocket Gang.]

Satoshi:  Ah-hah!  I knew it.  Rocket Gang!

Kasumi:  Obviously!

[Musashi and Kojirou leap to their feet, preparing to give their speech.]

Musashi:  Now it's my time to speak... Listen to us about such and such.

Kojirou:  For the answer we give is the universe's sympathy.

Nyasu:  Hey!  I need to say something!!! Nya!!!!

[Another wave washes over the boat, knocking everyone overboard.]

Musashi:  augh!

Nyasu:  Nya...

[Scene switches under water.]

Satoshi:  Zenigame!  I chose you!

Kasumi:  Hitodeman!  I wish you out!

Satoshi:  Is this safe?

Takeshi:  Everyone hold on to each other and your water pokemon.

Satoshi:  Well...forward!  We'll get through this storm yet!

Takeshi:  Fuu...

[Satoshi & Co. travel through the sea with the help of their pokemon.  Soon they appear in front of New Island, the center of the storm.]

Satoshi:  In that?!  New Island... ...Pokemon Castle?

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