Chapter 2:  "The Strongest Trainer"

[Ash & Co. climb out of the water and onto a dock at the edge of New Island.  The Servant lady is there to greet them.]

Ash:  !  That's...

Lady:  You have made it.  Please show your invitation form.

Ash:  Um, here.

[As Ash holds out the card, the hologram appears again.]

Hologram of the Lady:  This person is one of the invited.  I confirm it.

Brock:  That...face.  Are you the missing Joy?

Misty:  Ah... you're right, they do look alike.

Lady:  I am the caretaker of this castle... who have you mistaken me for?

[The servant lady turns to leave, taking Ash & Co. with here.  As soon as they are gone, Team Rocket pops up out of the water.  They had used Weezing as a float.]

[Scene switches to mew flying playfully through the sky. ]

Mew:  Mew!

[Mew reaches the island, and stops to watch the windmill, very curious about it.]

Mew:  Mew?

[Mew plays on the wind mill, sitting on the blades, and droping down to lower ones after the one it sat on got too high]

Mew:  Mii-u! Mii-u! Mii-u!  {giggles}

[Scene switches back to  the Servant Lady, who has lead Ash and his friends to the entrance to the grand hall.]

Lady:  Here.  This is where the other trainers who already arrived are staying.  Please, enter.

Misty:  Them?  Only three?

Ash:  And us now..

Lady:  That storm does not seem to be passing.  Because of this, only a few came, though more were invited.  However, all of these trainers were invited.

[The scene changes again, and this time it's to Team Rocket.  They are hanging off the railings around the edge of the Island's cliff.]

Jessie:  We're just... so close right now, we can reach it.

James:  Let's go in now.

Jessie:  [flash to the enterance of the sewer.]  We need to go in through the sewer [Meowth and James sigh, and Mew comes down and floats around them].  Eh?  I sensed something...

Meowth:  Let's go quickly, nya.

[The scene cuts back to the room where all the trainers are.  Introductions are underway.]

Sorao:  You have also come.  I am Sorao, I flew here on the back of Pidgiotto.  These are my Pokemon [points at his pokemon.].

Umio:  I'm Umio... I passed over the sea on with Gyarados [pan shot over all his pokemon.]

Ash:  On that...

Sweet:  I'm called Sweet.  Well then, here are my Pokemon. [points out here Pokemon.]

Lady:  Now, we begin.  The strongest Pokemon trainer will soon meet with you.  Also, the strongest Pokemon.  I present to you, the most powerful trainer and pokemon--- Lord Mewtwo!

[Mewtwo decents from the top of the room, coming down a pilar of light.  The trainers all gasp, and Pikachu gets rather hostile.]

Pikachu:  Pikaa!

Ash:  Mew...two?

Umio:  Its a pokemon... It can't be a trainer, you fool!

Mewtwo & Lady:  Is that wrong?  I decide the rules.

Misty:  This voice...

Brock:  Is it telepathy?

[Mewtwo's eyes glow blue again, and as he raises his hand, Umio is picked up off the floor.  Umio screams as Mewtwo holds him up, and then he's flung into a fountain.]

Umio:  Wagh!   Crap!!  Gyarados!  Get that jerk!  Destruction Beam!  Gyarados!

[Gyarados attacks Mewtwo an energy beam, but the attack never reaches its target.  Mewtwo defects it with barrier, and the attack fries Gyaradous instead.  Umio runs to Gyarados's side, worried about it's injuries.]

Umio:   Be all right!

Mewtwo:  I have no further need for you.

[Mewtwo brings down his righ arm, breaking his control over the servant lady.]

Lady:  Huh!...

[The lady falls down.  As she falls here hat falls off, revealing here to be the missing Joy.  Brock runs to her side.]

Brock:  Are you okay, Joy?!

Joy:  Why am I here...?

Mewtwo:  I brought you here so that you could arrange a few things for me.  I know of the limitations I'm burdened with for having the body of a pokemon.  I used you to lure the other humans here.

Misty:  You're cruel...

Pikachu:  Piika!

[Scene switches to Team Rocket, who are wandering through the sewers.  Mew is following them, and playing with them (it teleports away before Meowth sees it.).  They eventually get out of the sewer, and start to wander around the castle.  Soon they wander into the Cloning chamber.]

Jessie:  We've been wandering though so many passages..

James:  How did we get here?

Jessie:  Now---

James:  Wow... what an odd machine this is...

Meowth:  {Nya} It is?  There's someone inside!

Team Rocket:  Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise.

Meowth:  [looking at a striped Blastoise]  Cute!  {Nyaaa!}

James:  Cute?  Are you sure?

[Jessie sits down on a computer, accidently pressing a button and turning it on.]

Jessie:  Eh?

Computer:  This machine is used for copying pokemon.  To begin with {bzzt, bzzt}... supply a semi-decent sample of DNA from a pokemon.  From that, a copy of that pokemon can be made. {bzzt, bzzt}

[As Team Rocket watches the computer, a robotic arm reaches out and grabs Meowth.  It puts him on a conveller belt that leads into a machine.]

Meowth:  {Nya!?  Kyaahh}, help me, {nyaa}!

[James rushes to save Meowth.  He's able to pull Meowth out, except for a few of his tail hairs.  On a screen near the computer, a silluoette of Meowth appears.]

Meowth:  My tail!!

James:  Who is it?

Jessie:  Meowth!

James:  Meowth?!

Jessie:  Is it a copy of Meowth?

Computer:... a copy can even be made from traces of pokemon DNA, no matter how poor this component is.   Of the ancient pokemon, Mew... a fossilized eyelash was found that we could use... We would use this DNA as the foundation for creating the strongest pokemon ever, Mewtwo... unfortunately... Mewtwo was cruel and violent.  In a fit of rage he destroyed the research laboratory. {bzzt, bzzt}

Jessie:  Is this place the former research laboratory?

James: But... it's not rubble.  Someone must have rebuilt it.

Jessie:  Who could have done that?

[The scene switches back to Mewtwo and the trainers.]

Mewtwo:  I was disappointed with humans...  I will not leave humanity to control all living things, including Pokemon.  No longer will you manage the fate of this planet.  Humanity has no reason to exist.  Nothing should be doomed to live for humans.

Pikachu:  Pika! Pikapi!

Mewtwo:  What?  Are you saying that you are together by choice?  That which stays with a human by its own will has made a fatal mistake!

[Mewtwo uses his psychic powers to throw Pikachu across the room.]

Pikachu:  Chuu!!  Pikachu!

[Ash catches Pikachu before he is thrown into a wall]

Ash:  Utt!  ...Pikachu, are you hurt?

Pikachu:  Chu!

Mewtwo:  Only a weak pokemon would cling so closely to a human.

Sorao:  No, any pokemon would!  For their benefit, they get more skillful!  Go!  Rhyhorn!

[Rhyhorn charges after Mewtwo, but Mewtwo stops it a few seconds before they collide.  He then pitches the hapless Pokemon over a table filled with dishes.]

Mewtwo:  ...Another victory.  Why do you keep trying when you will only lose?

Sorao:  Rhyhorn!

Mewtwo:  It is futile.  I am the strongest pokemon.

Ash:  No way!  I'll prove you wrong!

Pikachu:  Pika!

[The scene switches back to Team Rocket, who are still in the cloning area.  The cloned Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise are released from their cloning tubes, and they walk away.]

Jessie:  They've appeared!

Mew:  Mew!

[Mew flies out of the room, following the clones.]

Team Rocket:  Mew!

[One again the scene returns to Mewtwo and the trainers.]

Mewtwo: Each of you, in your quest to become pokemon trainers have a powerful pokemon in your hand.  Among you are the final evolutions of hitokage, Squirtle and Bulbasaur.

[Mewtwo opens a door, which reveals a gigantic stadium, scuplted from stone.]

Ash:  A battle... stadium.  Let's do it.

Sorao:  I have Banado, a Venusaur.

Sweet:  I will use a kamettkusu.

Ash:  And for me, I have Charizard!

[Ash releases his Charizard, who proceeds to encompass Mewtwo in a wave of flame.]

Ash:  Ah... don't kill him, Charizard.

[Mewtwo blocks the fire with another barrier, and then puts out the flames by raising the waters around him.]

Mewtwo:  Really, now... do not be an ill-bred Charizard.  Do you not follow the orders of your companion?

[Charizard spits in disgust.  After this, the trainers enter the arena, and the battle is set up.  The first to fight are teh Venusaurs.]

Venusaur:  Banaa!

Sorao:  Go!  Banado!  Leaf Cutter!

[Banado uses Leaf Cutter, but Mewtwo's Venusaur blocks it with Vine Whip, and then whips Banado into submission.]

Mewtwo: ...your futile attempt will only result in failure.

Venusaur2:  Banaa!

Sweet:  Go, Kusukusu!  Hydro Pump!  Kusukusu!

[Sweet summons out her Blastoise, which sprays Mewtwo's  Blastoise with water.  However, Mewtwo's blocks it with a tackled attack, and the crashes into Kusukusu, defeating it.]

Ash:  It is my Charizard's turn now!

Charizard2:  Rizaa!

Ash:  Go!

Charizard:  Rizaa!

Ash:  This is a match of speed!

[Ash's and Mewtwo's Charizard's fight.  They try to spray each other with fire, but they are both too fast.  Finally, Mewtwo's succeeds in grabbing Ash's.]

Charizard:  Riza~~!  Riza~~!

Mewtwo:  Slam it into the ground!

[Mewtwo's Charizard slams Ash's into the ground, knocking it out.]

Misty:  It's a battle that not even speed can win...

Ash:  Charizard!

Charizard:  Riza!

Ash:  Charizard!

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