Chapter 3: "Black Monster Ball"

Mewtwo:  High speed doesn't defeat sheer power... Now, to begin producing copies...

[Mewtwo waves his arms, and causes three black monster balls to appear.  At the center of the ball, is a yellow eye with a red pupil.  From each of these pupils comes a beam or red light, which sucks up Ash's Charizard, Kusukusu and Banado, to their trainer's horror.]

Sweet:  !

Sorao:  Aagh!

Mewtwo:  I will create stronger copies of these pokemon for my use.

Misty:  But you can't do that with other people's pokemon!

Ash:  Stop it!  That's breaking all the rules!

Mewtwo:  Don't give orders to me!

[Mewtwo throws Ash back into Brock, knocking them both over.]

Ash:  Wagh!

Mewtwo:  I decide on my own rules!

[Mewtwo summons up many more black monster balls, enough to capture all the pokemon there.]

Ash:  Everyone, we've gotta escape!

[As the trainers try to escape, the black monster balls capture all of their pokemon.  They try to protect them, but the black monster balls outmanuer them.]

Sweet:  Aah!

Ash:  Shi-.  Pikachu, escape!  Everyone, scatter!

[Ash protects Pikachu from a wave of black monster balls, allow them to batter his back.  Pikachu follows his order, and makes a dash for a spiral stair case.]

Mewtwo:  It is futile...

Ash:  Yeah, right!  Just go into the monster ball.  [Thinking he's outwitted Mewtwo, Ash summons Bulbasaur and Squirtle into their pokeballs.  However, the black monster balls just absorb Ash's.]  Aggh!  I don't believe it! It took the ball and everything!

Mewtwo:  Nothing is impossible for my monster balls.

Brock:  It's useless!  Let's escape!

[As Brock and Misty try to leave, black monster balls steal Psyduck and Vulpix.  All of the stolen Pokemon are sucked into two funnels, which lead down to the cloning chamber.  All the while, Pikachu keeps climbing higher up the winding stair case, still fleeing from the black monster balls.  Ash is following him.]

Pikachu:  [electricuting the black balls] Chu!!!  Chu!!  Chu...!

Ash:  Run away, Pikachu!

Pikachu:  Pi--!

[Pikachu slips, and falls off of the stair case.  Ash reaches out to grab him as he falls, but he can't reach him, and falls too.]

Ash:  Pikachu!  Can't let you... slip away!

[As Ash falls, he keeps reaching out for Pikachu, only to have one of those black monster balls steal Pikachu away.  However, Ash grabs it as he falls.  He falls into some water that was around the staircase.  As he falls, he loses his grip on the ball, and it flies off down the funnel.  Ash gets out of the water and follows it.]

Ash:  Wait!  RETURN PIKACHU!!!!

[In the Copying room, James and Jessie are watching the sillouettes of the stolen pokemon appear on the screen.]

James:  Wha, what has apeared now?  Who is it?

Jessie:  Syther!  Dewgong!  Vileplume!

Meowth:  Sandslash... nidoqueen... vaporeon.... but, even after all this Meowth's not changed.

[Ash comes barelling out of the tunnel where the Pokemon had been sorted, attracking the attention of Team Rocket.]

Ash:  Guh... ehh!  I... hafta do it~

James:  Look at that!

Jessie:  The little Twerp?

[Ash ignores them, and runs into the second part of the cloning machine, where he finds the ball containing Pikachu.  Ash battles with dozens of robotic arms in an attempt to free his pokemon.]

Ash:  Discharge, darn machine!  Well, let it out already!  Spit out Pikachu!!

[James and Jessie go back to watching the screen.]

James:  Who is it?

Jessie: ... Pikachu!

Ash:  This!  This!

Jessie:  !?

[Ash wins his fight with the machine, causing it to short out, and winning the ball with Pikachu in it.]

Meowth:  What's going on?

James:  What.. what's happening?!

[The ball opens up, releasing Pikachu, who is very happy to see Ash.]

Ash:  Uraggh.  Pikachu.

Pikachu:  Pikapi?  Chu! Pika....pikachu...

[The copy Pokemon are pushed out of the tubes they are in, as a siren rings.  They all mechanically walk out of the room, as if following orders.]

James:  A,about this...

Meowth:  The copies are leaving, nya!

Jessie:  It's like... they just were summonned.

Meowth:  Where are they going, nya?

[The copying machine starts to explode, sending black master balls flying everywhere.  The orginal pokemon are released, and a Tentacruel grabs hold of James and Jessie.]

James:  Uwa!

Jessie:  Waah!

Meowth:  The geniune pokemon are out!

[Squirtle and Bulbasaur are released from the the black monsterballs, but they are a little disorientated.]

Ash:  Squirtle!

Squirtle:  Zeni!

Bulbasaur:  da--ne~~

Ash:  Bulbasaur!

Bulbasaur: dane! dane!

[The reunited Pokemon and trainer greet each other warmly.]

Ash:  It's good to be back together...

[Ash stops smiling, and gets a very serious and determined expression on his face.  Back in the stadium, Mewtwo and his clones are keeping the humans at bay.]

Charizard2:  Riza....

Venusaur2:  bana...

Mewtwo:  Give up, humans!  I will not take your lives on one condition...  you must go back home immediately.  However, you'll have to deal with the storm on your way. {thunder crash}

[The humans all give Mewtwo that "you are such a jerk" look, as he basically tells them to swim home in a hurricane.  However, before Mewtwo could actually force the humans (or maybe ever throw them.) into the sea, the cloning lab explodes.]

Mewtwo:  What was that?  The orginal pokemon are freed?!

[The orginal Pokemon swarm out of the smoke left by the explosion.]

Brock:  That's!

[From the thickest part of the smoke, Ash emerges.  His face still bears the look of intense determination.]

Misty:  Ash!

Ash:  I won't allow it... Mewtwo... I will stop you once and for all!

[Scene switches to Psyduck and Vulpix, who have just emerged from the smoke.]

Misty:  Psyduck's back!

Brock:  ..And Vulpix, too!

[The picture switches back to a wide shot of Mewtwo and his army of copies.]

Mewtwo:  It doesn't matter whether you've escaped or not.

[Then the shot switches to the army of orginals, led by Ash.]

Ash:  It's time, on behalf of the pokemon you imprisoned... my friends you've taken--- [Ash charges Mewtwo, trying to punch him.] I will defend them!

[As Ash goes to punch Mewtwo, he is blocked by Mewtwo's barrier, and shoved back.  Undaunted, Ash tries again.  This time Mewtwo uses his telekenetic powers to lauch Ash 50ft into the air, and to a personal connection with the castle wall.  However, Ash is saved from becoming a splat on Mewtwo's walls by a large pink bubble.  It was created by mew, who is now floating in front of Ash.]

Ash:  Wh, what? [Mew bursts the bubble, and Ash falls onto a ledge] Ah!

Mew:  {laughing} miheheheh

[Mew creates a bubble for itself.  It bounces on the bubble merrily, only to have it burst by an orb of black energy.

Ash:  Wah!

Mewtwo:  [holding another energy orb] Mew... In that case...this is for is you!

[Mewtwo launches volley after volley of black orbs at mew.  However, the little pokemon manages to dodge them all, and even giggles ammongst the smoke and carnage.]

Mew:  miieieiei...!

Umio:  Aw, awesome...

Brock:  It so easily avoided Mewtwo's attack!

[Mewtwo starts to speak to mew, but mew seems confused by the telepathic speech (it doesn't know where the voice is coming from!)]

Mewtwo:  I was created from you... however, I am the strongest!!

[Mewtwo starts to chase around mew, trying to blow it up with those same black engery orbs.  However, mew never treats the situation as a dangerous one, but more like a game of tag.  This confuses and angers Mewtwo.]

Mewtwo: [speaking to mew, who is hiding behind a pillar] Why do you run?  Do you fear me?  I am the geniune one!!

[Mew flies off again, with Mewtwo hot on its heals, still trying to hit it.]

Mewtwo: It will be me that survives!!

[Mewtwo fires another black orb at mew.  This time mew can't escape, and it hit in it's chest, and sent flying off into the distance.]

Mew:  Mi~~~uuu!

Mewtwo:  Hmph!

Pikachu:  Pika!

Ash: !

[Suddenly a huge blue orb of energy fires back from the point where mew was last seen.  This orb strikes Mewtwo before he could react, and slams him into the stands of the stadium causing an explosion.  Ouch...  well to put it mildy.. Mewtwo isn't very happy.  A very pissed of Mewtwo emerges from the rubble, surrounded by a blue light.  I think it might have been his recover ablity.]

Mewtwo:  For the reasons of my creation you are my mortal enemy.

Mew:  Mew, mew, mew, mew.

Jessie: [Turning to Meowth] What, what did it say?

Meowth:  "A genuine creature is a genuine creature.  If an orginal clashes with a copy..." "the geniune one will not be defeated by a dupicate."

Mewtwo:  [grows angrier]A genuine creature is a genuine creature...?  Well, let our fight decide who out of the both of us is the real one.  We {the copies} are the strongest ones!!

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