Chapter 4: "Mew VS Mewtwo"

[Satoshi climbs up to the top of arena.  As he looks down he sees the copies and the originals fighting brutally.]

Satoshi:  Ugh... this.. is horrible...

[Dozens of Pokemon are seen fighting.  Most of the combat is hand to hand and tooth to tooth.  None of them are using their abilities, but rather just tearing into each other.  Pikachu watches in confusion before it runs into its own duplicate.]

Pikachu2:  Pika! (Fight!)

[The copy Pikachu wants to fight Pikachu, who looks on in horror.]

Pikachu:  Pika...

[Mew and Mewtwo form orbs of energy around themselves and start to collide with each other.  Amidst the chaos of the battle Satoshi struggles to get down to the ground.  He's almost knocked off his vantange point as Mew and Mewtwo zip by him.]

Satoshi:  !?  Waagh!

[Pikachu's copy beats on Pikachu viciously.  Pikachu only cries out in pain as it is battered.  However, Pikachu refuses to fight, no matter what happens.  As they battle, the other battling Pokemon grow tired, and collapse onto each other.]

Joy:  ... And of... this war... it's about being the genuine creation, and of being the copy... but both of them live.

Sweet:  All... are living things.

Takeshi:  They are all living things, and part of this world, though some were copied...

Kasumi: Orginals and copies... But, can't both groups continue to live?  Must one be defeated while the other is left to survive?

Nyasu:  Nya, they are fighting to validate their lives.

Musashi:  ...but that's twisted all of their minds...

Kojirou: They're bullying each other... they remind me of my old self...

Musashi:  In them I see my present self...

Nyasu:  .....

Musashi And Kojirou:  [holding each other, and wailing] Bad Feeling!!

[While Musashi and Kojirou cry, Nyasu's clone approaches him.]

Nyasu:  A-ha!  [they draw their nails, and get ready to fight.]... But, fighting with our nails will hurt, {Nya}...

Nyasu2:  Nya Nyaa Nyasu

Nyasu:  What?  If I don't fight, it's like I'm dodging?

Nyasu2: Nya!

Nyasu:  No kidding?  [the two Nyasu look up at the moon through the eye of the hurricane] you think that the moon looks full tonight?

Nyasu2:  Nya nya nya myaa mya nya.

Nyasu:  ...when the moon is in this phase {nya},... it's {mya} a good time to philosophize {nya}.

[As Satoshi races to get back to ground level, the clone Pikachu makes another attempt to urge Pikachu into fighting with it.]

Pikachu2:  Pikachu! Pika!

Pikachu:  Pika... pikaa!
[The clone pikachu whack's Pikachu, and knocks it down.]

Satoshi:  [loses his grip] Shit.  Ieh! [Satoshi pulls himself up off the ground, after having fallen about 20 feet]  Pikachu... wait!

Pikachu2:  [slapping Pikachu] Pikaa. Pika! Pika! Pika! Pika!

Satoshi:  [watching Pikachu get slapped.]  Pikachu!  Pikachu!  Stop it... STOP IT!

Kasumi:  It's hopeless... As long as Mew and Mewtwo are fighting, no one else will stop.

Joy:  For these beings, it must be a terrible strain to fight with their counterparts.

Kasumi:  Yeah...

Joy:  They fight because they need to destroy their counterparts before they can accept their lives.

Satoshi: ... right now, Mew and Mewtwo are fighting for the value of their lives... and Pikachu...

[The humans look over at Pikachu, who is still taking the slaps of his opponent without resistance.  However, the copy is growing tired, and it soon collapses into Pikachu's arms.]

Pikachu2:  Pika... pi..

[Mew and Mewtwo continue to crash into each other.  Bearing very hard into each other's sheild, they land, and push off to opposite ends of the ring.  They each power up for their strongest attack, psychic, and fire at each other.  The blasts meet in the middle of the ring, and neutralize each other violently.  The other pokemon strain to keep their balance in the resulting shockwave.  The attack also knocks out the lights around the arena, and throws back the two opponents, who get ready to fight again.]

Satoshi:  [Seeing Pikachu lying injured on the ground.] Pikachu...?

[Satoshi starts to run into the ring.]

Kasumi:  SATOSHI!?

Satoshi:  Stop it!  STOP IIIT!

[Mew and Mewtwo ignore Satoshi, and fire another blast of psychic at each other.  Satoshi continues to run towards them, still shouting.  He runs in between their attacks right as they collide, taking the full force of both as his friends look on in horror.]

Kasumi:  Satoshi!

Pikachu:  Pikapi!

[Satoshi falls to the ground, and turns into stone.]

Mewtwo:  [surprised, and confused by Satoshi's selflessness.]  Fool! ... did a human try to stop our war?

Mew:  Mew?

[Pikachu runs over to Satoshi, and shakes him, but he does not move.  Think his friend has fainted, Pikachu zaps him repeatedly, trying to wake him up again.  It doesn't work.]

Pikachu:  Pikapi!  Chu!!!  Chu!!!  Chu!!  Chu!!

Takeshi:  Pikachu...

Pikchu:  [exagusted]  Chu!  Pikapi (Satoshi)...

[Pikachu starts to cry, its tears wetting the soil below.  Soon, all the other Pokemon are weeping, and wailing over the fallen trainer.]

Kasumi:  The pokemon are weeping...

[The Pokemon continue to weep (only Mew and Mewtwo are not crying), their tears are tranferred through the soil to Satoshi.  Soon his body glows blue, and becomes flesh and blood once again.  Pikachu immediately sees that his friend has recovered.  Pikachu runs over and hugs Satoshi.]

Pikachu: !! Pika.. Pikapi... Pikapi!!

Satoshi:  Uuhh... Pikachu!?

Pikachu:  Pikapi!

Kasumi:  What a relief...

[The humans and Pokemon rejoice, even little Togepi decides to pop out of Kasumi's bag to give its own little cry.]

Togepi:  pii!

Mew:  Mew...

Mewtwo:  For certain, in you and in me, there is a life that is valuable.  In the end it doesn't matter who is better, or stronger.  We shouldn't try to discover that... it is better to just live without ever knowing that, nor pursuing it.

[The copy Pokemon become surrounded by a blue aura and they float up into the sky to find a home where they can live out their lives.]

Satoshi:  Everyone.. where are you going?

[Mew and Mewtwo fly magestically off, accompanied by the copied Pokemon.]

Mewtwo:  We were created... we are alive... and we will continue to live... we are part of this world.

[A wave of blue light engulfs the originals and the humans.  When it fades, they are back at the docks, as if none of the events on New Island had ever happenned.]

Umio:  What if a ship never arrives here!?

Junsa:  A ship will certainly arrive once the storm dies down.

Boija:  A hurricane is coming... please, take refuge as soon as possible!

Joy:  There is no need to worry.  I will open up the Pokemon Center as a refuge.  Please, everyone join me so that we may use it together.

Takeshi:  [looking lovestruck] Aaah... Joy, Junsa, Boija... they are so beautiful, no matter when or where I see them.

Satoshi:  But, why are we even at this harbor?

Kasumi:  I guess that I just followed you here.

[Satoshi and friends run outside onto the pier and see that the storm has passed.]

Satoshi:  Huh...?  The rain and the wind seems to be dying down...

Junsa:  Really now!

Boija:  Surely by tomorrow the boats will be able to set out!

Satoshi:  [Catches a glimpse of Mew flying throught the clouds] What's that?  Wow!

Kasumi:  I've never seen anything like it before.

Satoshi:  I took up my pokemon journey to become a master.  I will discover all the mysterious pokemon.  All though I just glimpsed it now, someday I'll that pokemon that hides in the clouds.

Kasumi:  Maybe you will meet up with it on your travels.

Satoshi:  Yup.  Definitely, since I'm a great trainer!

Pikachu:  Pika!

[Amidst the newly sprouted grass and flowers of New Island, Team Rock sits.  Despite being alone on the island, they are very happy.]

Musashi:  Perfect... if only things where always this good!

Rocket Gang:  It's more beautiful and refreshing today than usual... Good Feeling!!

--The End--


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