Prolouge:  Mewtwo is Born

[The scene opens in the Bio-engineering tube Mewtwo is in.]

""Where am I?  Who am I?""

[The orange water of Mewtwo's bio-tube fades away into the blue waters of a lake.]

""Is this my memory?  I always dream of becoming part of this world...""
""! You... who are you? {swi}  Wait!""

[A mew is seen flying over the mountain, through a bright blue sky.]

""I cannot forget the world I've seen you flying through.  Where is this place?  What has anyone done for me?  Why has someone brought me here?  Why... why don't you answer?""

[Scene switches back to Mewtwo's Bio-tube, his creators can be seen distortedly through the fuild and glass.]

""Where am I?  Who am I?  Who has brought me here?""

[Pan shot, starting at some tubes attached to Mewtwo's feet, and ending at the top of his head]

""Am I anyone?  Why am I here?  I wonder, yet I remain here.  I am born into this world.  I will not say inside of here.""

[Mewtwo opens his eyes, and cracks the bio-tube he was in with his psychic powers.  The tube explodes, spraying glass and orange liquid everywhere.]

Scientists:  [turning around] ?! !! huh?

Various Scientist:  Ooh!  It's awoken!  Do you think he'll do or not?  Splendid!

Head Scientist:  We have succeeded!  This is birth of Mewtwo.

Mewtwo:  Mew...two...?

Head Scientist:  Yes, that's what you are.  In this world the supreme Pokemon is mew. [points to a stone plaque on the wall of the research complex.]  You were produced from this creature.

Mewtwo:  [Looks over at the picture of mew] Then, is mew my father, or my mother?

Head Scientist:  No, you do not understand.  You have no parents.

Mewtwo:  !?  But... I was made?  For whom?  If I have no father or mother, God?  Do I exist because of the will of God?

Head Scientist:  It is one of mankind's greatest achievements to be able to create an entirely new lifeform.

Mewtwo:  ...I am here because of the acts of humans...

Various Scientists:  Doctor!  It is a grand success!  What a stunning scientific victory!  We have created a new intelligent life form through cloning.  Congratulations!

[the shot switches from the scientists, to Mewtwo looking down at his hands.]

Mewtwo:  ...they have brought me here...  A human created this body.  I was born for no reason... [clenches his hands]

[Mewtwo's eyes start to glow blue, and the other bio-tubes in the lab explode violently.  Mewtwo's rage glows, and the computers start to explode.  The scientists scream, and try to escape from Mewtwo, but it's hopless.  He destroys more of the laboratory, causing it to burst into flames.  Dozens of metallic arms surround Mewtwo, in an attempt to restrain him, but he shatters them.  The head scientist sits huddled on the floor, watching the fire around him.  Suddenly, Mewtwo parts the flames, and hovers above him.]

Head scientist:  The strongest pokemon...  Is this... the fulfillment of my dream?

[New Island is seen from the sea.  In a great pilar of blue light, the Research Complex on it explodes.  A helicopter is heard in the distance.  Sakaki and Persian are watching the island, and the smoke billowing out from it.]

[Scene switches back to Mewtwo, who is standing amoungst the flaming rubble of the Research Complex.]

Mewtwo:  This is my power...  Who is truly the strongest Pokemon, now?  Me or mew?

Sakaki:  ...the strongest is surely you.

[Mewtwo turns around to see who is speaking to him.]

Sakaki:  Though you are strong... I sense you are still incomplete...

Mewtwo:  ...Human?

Sakaki:  [Sakaki nods.]  Right.  You know, if you were to ally a human with your great power, then the world could be our object.  Here on this island, you have power over only a small terrain, but if you come with me, then the entire earth would be yours.
{the go-et-et-et sound of a helicopter is heard.}

[The scene switches to Sakaki's Gym, where Mewtwo is being fitting with "armor"--in truth it's a device that Sakaki had hoped would restrain Mewtwo and limit his immense power.]

Mewtwo:  This machine is fitting me with armor... to protect my body?  Are you telling me that you are assisting me out of compassion for me?  That you are a good person for doing this?

Sakaki:  All that humans have ever done is plunder and destroy.  It is easy.  Through constant fighting, a person will be victorious and grow stronger.

[Mewtwo helps Sakaki and Rocket Gang capture a herd of Tauros.  He also pulverized an Onix, and overwhells the psychic powers of an Alakazam (who's spoons he even bends!)  Then he is seen beating up Gary's Pokemon (I think Mewtwo was the one who KOed Gary in the Virdian City Gym Eps.)  But... he has doubts..]

Mewtwo:  However... who am I?  What am I fighting for?  Who am I?  Why am I here?

[Scene changes back to the room where Sakaki keeps Mewtwo, who's armor is hooked up to tubes which connect to a larger contraption... guess this is the mewtwo-leash.]

Mewtwo:  Why am I alive?  What is my purpose?

Sakaki:  You are a pokemon that was created by humans, therefore you only live to serve a human master.

Mewtwo:  I exist only to benefit a human?

Sakaki:  You are a man-made object...  What could your be worth aside of that?

Mewtwo:  If it is my value... I reject it!  This will not be my value...  I will decide my value!

Sakaki:  Wh... what are you doing?!

[Enraged, Mewtwo tears away from his bidings.  Sakaki gasps, as he sees his ticket to the world escaping.]

Sakaki:  ... I'll do anything!

Mewtwo:  Even though I may have been made by a human... I am not like any other Pokemon, and I will not accept what you've told me.

[Mewtwo blows up Virdian City Gym, and then flies off, back to New Island.]

Mewtwo:  Those who created me never asked if I wished to exist.  For that, I can not forgive.  I have a grudge against all who have lead to my existance!  This isn't an attack, nor a declaration of war.  Rather, it is a counter strike against those who created me!!

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