If you don't know what "Mewtwo Strikes Back is by now, then you may have spent the last six months in a hole.  Well, never fear!  Consider yourself enlightenned.  (All you hardcore fans can skip this block and jump down below.)  Mewtwo Strikes Back was the main feature of the first theatrical release of Pokemon.  It was released in Japanese theaters July 18, 1998 and it was released  in  the US on Nov 10 1999. 

Mewtwo Strikes Back is the tale of the 150th Pokemon.  Everyone's favorite clone, Mewtwo, is less than content with his creation, an the attempts of humanity to enslave him, so he decides to get even.  He lures a bunch of trainers to his island, where he makes their Pokemon fight copies to prove once and for all that clones are superior to the originals.

Mewtwo Strikes Back Script 1.3a
. New!:  Read what Kids WB never wanted you to see, The Lost Beginning to Mewtwo's tale.  It's tragic, and sweet, and probably one of my favorite stories.  Brought to you by Pokemon Hub.

As anyone who owns a copy of Mewtwo Strikes Back has noticed, it's entirely in Japanese.  Well, to help people better understand it, I wrote up a translation for it.  This translation is actually based on the comic book version, but the two are very similar (the comic is just a little shorter.)  This is by no means a perfect translation, but it should help you get a better understanding of the movie!

You can either view the Prolouge, Chpt 1, Chpt 2, Chpt 3, and Chpt 4.
Or with the US names:  Prolouge, Chpt 1, Chpt 2, Chpt 3, and Chpt 4


Download it as a Text File (Japanse Names)  or a text with US Names.

Links to Mewtwo Strikes Back Videos
I don't have the equiptment necessary to make my own video clips, though I might try someday to make a music video from premade ones.  However, if you don't own a copy of Mewtwo Strikes Back, you'd probably like to see some videos now.  So here are two sites I know of that carry them.

The Universal Pokemon Network
Pokemon Times


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