Marvelous Mew Revealed!

PALLET TOWN - Professor Oak, the world's formost pokemon expert, issued a stunning announcement today from his research lab in Pallet Town.  In a press conference, the professor confirmed reports of his discovery of a 151st Pokemon, a creature he has dubbed Mew.  "This is the crowning achievement of my career," the professor stated, blinking back a tear, "and I'm pleased to be associated with such fine and noble creatures."  When asked where trainers might go to capture Mew for themselves, 

the professor remained coy.  "This Pokemon is the rarest of all," he said, "and with so few specimens out there, they're going to be hard to get."  While many details about Mew remain a mystery for now, Professor Oak did note that Mew is a Psychic-type Pokemon.

Extra!  Extra!

P o w e r    E x c l u s i v e !

The entire Pokemon world is being turned upside down with the stunning announcement that there is a 151st Pokemon!  Its name is Mew, and it's not only the most powerful Pokemon around, it's also the rarest one of all.  Here's an exclusive look at this amazing creature!

Pokemon #151
The Rarest of Them All

Though Mew is an even-tempered creature, it's also one of the most formidable Pokemon in battle.  Mew doesn't have many ablities at first, but it can learn Transform, Mega Punch, Metronome and Psychic when it reaches certain experience levels.  What's even more amazing is that Mew can use every Technical Machine and Hidden Machine ever created.  With this unique ability, a trainer can customize Mew to suit any fighting styleor battle situation.  Mew is incredibly rare, but 151 lucky trainers will be chosen in a random drawing to receive this fabulous creature!

When Mew goes into battle against a wild Pokemon, its opponents sometimes run away before Mew can strike even a single blow. Mew is arguably the most powerful Pokemon ever discovered.  It can use any Hidden Machine and Technical Machine to learn a wide variety of special abilities. Much about Mew remains a mystery, but Pokemon experts are studying it intensely.  Who knows what other wondrous secrets will be uncovered?

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